The Chippewa reside on the Turtle Mountain Reservation.  The Turtle Mountains are near the geographic center of North America.  Located southeast of the International Peace Gardens, the northern boundaries of the Reservation run perpendicular to the Canadian Border along the 49th parallel.  The Reservation consists of low rolling hills, trees, and brush of which 40% is covered with lakes, small ponds, and sloughs.

According to the 1990 Bureau of Indian Affairs estimates that Tribal membership is approximately 25,000.

Commercial air travel is available at Devil’s Lake and Minot (100 miles away), Fargo (250 miles away), Grand Forks (170 miles away), and Bismarck (280 miles away).

Dynaband, LLC was born from the insight, experience and expertise of its parent companies. In 1997, communications began with Uniband, Inc., a data-entry facility in Belcourt, ND, to form a call center on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. As a result, Dynaband, LLC was formed in 1998 as a joint venture between Uniband, Inc. and Dynamics Marketing, Inc..

Dynaband, LLC brings vision to reality by creating telecommunication solutions through merging technologies. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and sales experience. Our goal is to partner with our clients, to develop long lasting relationships by increasing their revenues and customer  loyalty.